Why A Professional Photographer ? (Rochester Hills, Shelby Twp, Troy, Utica MI )

July 31, 2017

Professional Portraits


I am here today to talk to you about why you should choose a Professional Photographer, one that is formally educated and works at their craft as a full time occupation, for your most important portraits.

The statistics show that this will be the most photographed generation with the least amount of pictures. Now we know with all our devices we take pictures of everything. We store them on our phones, the cloud, a DVD or on a stick, but we don’t print them. So what happens when your phone blows up, the cloud crashes or you DVD is damaged your pictures are gone. So lets be real, you probably are not upset about some of those pics being gone, but what about the important ones? Now you say to yourself why didn’t I print those? Hence most photographed generation least amount of pictures.

So why would you let Aunt Mary or your neighbor photograph your most important moments in life and hand you a disc? What are the chances that you will print them? Certainly not on an inkjet printer, again not permanent. You want your pictures on true photographic paper so they will last a lifetime. You want to leave the next generation with pictures to show their children. You want those memories to live on just like the ones that have been passed down to you.

So the next time you need one of those milestone events photographed call a Professional Photographer and do it right. We offer our clients a full In-Studio and Outdoor experience. Call David Roberts Photography for your most important portraits.

See the difference a Professional Portrait makes.

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