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May 2, 2014

A High School Senior’s

perspective view of their last days.


The end of the school year scramble is typical, expected: but in seniors’ eyes there is something more frenzied about their pursuit of their favorite teachers, friends,and staff members through the school; clutching yearbooks and pens, and back up pens just in case—this is it; their last chance to get the yearly scoop on what people really think about them. Will they get a simple “Have a great summer!”, or even worse “H.A.G.S.!”? Nothing could be worse than presenting one’s yearbook to a four year enduring secret crush, and to have it returned with a giant, sloppy “H.A.G.S.” scrawled in the corner of the cover.

No one wants to remember his or her senior year as being the forgotten kid, only worth as much thought as a simple phrase or smiley face. When paging through one’s senior yearbook, one wants to remember the best of his or her final year in high school, all of their achievements, best accomplishments, favorite memories, and all of the funny moments along the way. Flick back through the alphabet to your best friend’s senior picture and laugh at the silly hat he wore: and kept wearing for months during the school year. Think back to the time when you had your own senior pictures taken, and smile at the memories of that summer day.

Senior year is the final year for many of us to make those kinds of memories, after high school we are no longer obligated to stay in a school environment, or to be surrounded by our peers five days a week. After high school, life begins–and we begin to make our own choices and decisions to shape our own paths in life. But wherever we travel, we will always hold treasured in our hearts those memories of the best year of our lives.

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David Roberts Photography-Senior Portraits


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