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I am here today to talk to you about why you should choose a Professional Photographer, one that is formally educated and works at their craft as a full time occupation, for your most important portraits.

The statistics show that this will be the most photographed generation with the least amount of pictures. Now we know with all our devices we take pictures of everything. We store them on our phones, the cloud, a DVD or on a stick, but we don’t print them. So what happens when your phone blows up, the cloud crashes or you DVD is damaged your pictures are gone. So lets be real, you probably are not upset about some of those pics being gone, but what about the important ones? Now you say to yourself why didn’t I print those? Hence most photographed generation least amount of pictures.

So why would you let Aunt Mary or your neighbor photograph your most important moments in life and hand you a disc? What are the chances that you will print them? Certainly not on an inkjet printer, again not permanent. You want your pictures on true photographic paper so they will last a lifetime. You want to leave the next generation with pictures to show their children. You want those memories to live on just like the ones that have been passed down to you.

So the next time you need one of those milestone events photographed call a Professional Photographer and do it right. We offer our clients a full In-Studio and Outdoor experience. Call David Roberts Photography for your most important portraits.

See the difference a Professional Portrait makes.


Looking like the Real You in Senior Portraits: A Note on Photo Editing

Over the past few years, photography has seen many changes in the photo editing process and styles. With the popularization of digital photo retouching we have seen editing begin to go too far, causing subjects to lose their own natural appearances. At David Roberts Photography you will not only have a fun experience and get unique, awesome images to pick from; but you will also get the best variety around in one convenient location. You will look like your natural self in your portraits with appropriate use of retouching and editing. Our editing adds the appropriate saturation and whitening to your eyes so you still look natural. We will not erase or mask your facial features, over-brighten or sharpen to give you “alien eyes”, plastic looking skin or over-saturate your images.

Our creative retouching is used to display your beauty—or handsomeness!—without changing or losing your unique features. We want our images to reflect the real you, and we will never distort or over-edit your portraits. Our goal has always been to capture your true self in your senior portraits, or in any portraits that we create. We want you to dress, look, and be who you are in your portraits so that you, your parents, family, and friends will have a portrait of the real you to rekindle memories of the time you began to spread your wings and become a young adult. We want you to look like the real you.

Select David Roberts Photography so we can capture the real, natural you. Call today! 248.652.2131 Check out our website at


High School Senior Pictures


Roshester HillsProfessional Corporate Photography


We had the pleaure of photographing the Rochester Hills City Council.  What a great group of people willing to serve the community they live in.  To find out more or reach out to these council members visit the Rochester Hills web site.


Event PhotographyEisenhower High School Group Professional Portraits


Photographing the Eisenhower Theatre was great fun. We look forward to photographing the Class of 2017 for their senior pictures. We’ll see you this summer.

Professional Portraits of  Seniors, Families and Corporate Head Shots.



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